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Name:Татьяна Belial
Birthdate:Dec 6, 1988

“There is no greater sorrow than to recall happiness in times of misery” Dante Alighieri

♥ Ninon Beart ♥

Girl. 22. Mexican. Fangirl. Gamer. Wears glasses. A bit chubby. Is sometimes picky. Spanish is her mother tongue. Can speak a bit of English. Is studying German and wants practise it. A bit shy. Cute. Geek. Friendly. Student. Laid-back. Independent. Sorta Tomboy.

Fandom: ♥ Boys Love/Yaoi/Shounen Ai ♥ (manga, doujinshi, anime) and also a bit of Bromance and Slash (Metal Bands). Gankutsuou. Trinity Blood. Jigoku Shoujo. Geneshaft. Monster. Tennis no Oujisama. Heat Guy J. Slam Dunk. Detroit Metal City. Pet shop of Horrors. Serial Experiments Lain. Yu-Gi-Oh. Vampire Hunter D. Weiß Kreuz.

Favorite Yaoi Mangaka: Yamane Ayano. CJ Michalski. Hinako Takanaga. Masara Minase. Hoshino Lily. Modoru Motoni. Kae Maruya. Tohru Kousaka. Akira Kanbe. Noboru Takatsuki. Minami Haruka. Itsuki Kaname. Kazuma Kodaka. Reiichi Hiiro. Inariya Fusanosuke. Kyuugou. Shiuko Kano. Yamato Nase. Ebihara Yuri. Kairi Shimotsuki. Piyoko Chitose. Yukimura. Naked Ape. Kazuhiko Mishima. Asami Tohjo. Yoneda Kou. etc.

Music: I mostly listen to Metal (Thrash, Power, Industrial, Heavy and a bit of Death and Black). Darkwave. Deathrock. EBM. Rock. Pop. Synthpop. New-wave.

Videogames: Final Fantasy. Puzzle Bobble. Akumajo Dracula. Garou: Mark of the Wolves. Kirby. Starfy. Fatal Fury. Street Fighter. Devil May Cry. KOF. Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior.

I write my LJ in Spanish and in English. It depends on my mood. You can add me :3. Just tell me who you are or just add me and I add you back asap :D. That's all ;3

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Okane ga nai is love

Made by [info]inkglass

Color bars by [info]paunakan_jen, from art by Yamane Ayano

Mis comunidades :D
[info]gankutsuou_esp Gankutsuou en español :D
[info]grrrlamers Chicas quiénes aman jugar videojuegos :D
[info]yaoi_diario Chic@s quiénes gustan de leer manga en línea :D

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